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Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies

The International Association of Jewish Vocational Services (IAJVS) and Association of Jewish Family & Children's Agencies (AJFCA) have been meeting for over two years to form what is now called the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (NJHSA).

The NJHSA will not be a merger but instead the creation of a vibrant international association to help all Jewish Human Service agencies to serve their constituents more effectively. In order to help accomplish our task, you guessed it, we’ve created lots of committees and subcommittees that are doing the heavy lifting. To guide the whole ship we have a Steering Committee comprised of:

  1. Kim Coulter, President & CEO, JVS, Toronto
  2. Paula Goldstein, CEO, Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Philadelphia
  3. June Gutterman, Co-chair, CEO, Jewish Family Service, Columbus
  4. Judy Halper, CEO, Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Minneapolis
  5. Danielle Hartman, CEO, Rales Jewish Family Service, Boca Raton
  6. Jim Kahn, Co-chair, Immediate Past President AJFCA and Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Philadelphia
  7. David Marcu, CEO, Israel Elwyn
  8. Perry Ohren, CEO, Jewish Family Service, Detroit
  9. Larry Reader, President AJFCA and Past President of Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Houston
  10. Leah Rosenbaum, CEO, JVS, Detroit
  11. Jerry Rubin, CEO, JVS, Boston
  12. Howard Sitron, CEO, Jewish Child & Family Services, Chicago
  13. Judy Freundlich Tiell, Executive Director, Jewish Family & Career Services, Louisville

The Steering Committee has been working very closely with consultants from Conscient Strategies, Hannah Romick and Nancy Kaplan. And all of us have working very closely with Genie Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, IAJVS, and Irv Katz, Interim Chief Executive Officer, AJFCA.

There are subcommittees in the following areas, most of which are currently working, some of which are done and some which will begin their work in the near future:

  1. Launch Conference
  2. Communications and Member Retention
  3. Executive Search
  4. Finance
  5. Fundraising
  6. Programs
  7. Organizational Culture
  8. Governance and Board Structure
  9. New Members
  10. Advocacy
  11. Revenue Research and Modeling
  12. Legal
  13. Name
  14. Location
  15. Structure, roles and responsibilities

These groups are populated by Steering Committee members along with executives from other IAJVS and or AJFCA member organizations. There’s a lot of activity going on in almost all areas, specifically CEO Search, Launch Conference, New Members, and Fundraising. We are pleased to report that we are on schedule to be operational in 2017. We will be reporting progress every other week as well as answering questions and concerns that arise.

NJHSA Update
November 23, 2016

Update from the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies Steering Committee

The members of the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies Steering Committee are excited to report that much progress has been made in its CEO Search and we are hopeful that an announcement regarding the Network's new CEO will be forthcoming shortly.

The AJFCA membership vote took place on November 14th. Over 70% (of 125 members) of the membership was represented. It is our pleasure to report that the resolution to ratify the merger between AJFCA and IAJVS passed overwhelmingly with no opposition and two abstentions. Please remember that this is a merger as a legal matter only. The reality is that the IAJVS Board, the AJFCA Board and now the AJFCA membership have voted to create the new Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies. This action clears the way for the Steering Committee to file the necessary legal documents with the Attorney General's office of the State of New York, where both agencies are incorporated.

Last, in joining forces to create the new Network, the Steering Committee wants to reassure this readership that the finances of both associations have been examined and each have been deemed to be in solid financial shape, making it easier, financially, to move forward.

NJHSA Update
November 8, 2016
AJFCA & IAJVS Boards Vote "Yes"

Many IAJVS and or AJFCA members are wondering about dues for next year and moving forward...

A large part of the impetus for the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies has been the reality that dues paying membership associations are becoming anachronistic. Toward creating a modern association that is not (as) dependent on dues, much discussion has happened and much activity still needs to happen. The NJHSA wants tocreate revenue streams, within its collective areas of expertise and experience, in order to provide valuable service and gain revenue from these, e.g., it’s possible that the NJHSA will sell market rate strategic planning services. Further, the NJHSA wants to form partnerships with entities in the for-profit world, creating win-win situations, e.g., a drugstore chain might partner with the NJHSA to provide geriatric care management for its customers. These are just
two illustrations of what is possible. At this time, however, this is aspirational, and will be worked on, in full force, during 2017. For the time being the Steering Committee is asking all agencies to budget neutral for the next year, i.e., whatever you paid (or will pay) for 2016 is what the NJHSA will need for 2017. After 2017, it is fully anticipated that dues will be somewhat alleviated by alternative revenue streams.

Lots of people have wondered what will be happening to the current Boards of Directors of IAJVS and AJFCA...
These Boards have worked hard, have been kept apprised of the NJHSA’s progress at regular intervals, and met on October 30th to approve the creation of NJHSA. Once NJHSA is officially/legally formed, both Boards will be sunsetted and can celebrate their accomplishments. The NJHSA interim Board of Directors will be comprised of the current Steering Committee members. However, soon after its creation a new Board will be formed (per the NJHSA’s bylaws) and will look different than either of the current Boards of Directors of IAJVS and AJFCA. While there may be
some executives and or lay leaders from our agencies on this Board it will also want/need to include other interested stakeholders, e.g., professional staff from interested foundations, business leaders whose businesses are interested in the work of the NJHSA, etc. In order for NJHSA to be much more than the sum of IAJVS and AJFCA, its Board needs to be populated by new thinkers who come from different places, backgrounds and industries, and who care deeply about the agencies where we all work.

Finally, on October 30, the IAJVS and AJFCA Boards met separately and both ratified the proposal to officially create the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies. Of course both Boards have greenlighted the activities over the last two years that have led to this momentous decision, but this makes it (almost) final. As the AJFCA is a member association, there needs to be a member vote, which will be happening on November 14. Pictured are members of both Boards. It’s really happening!.

Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (NJHSA) Update
October 14, 2016

NJHSA - The new VIBRANT association to assist Jewish Human Service Agencies serve our constituents more effectively, through collaborative initiatives and collective impact.

Thank you for responding to the recent survey.  We appreciate your time and input.  We plan to address some of the key issues raised in the survey in our next few bi-weekly newsletter emails.

1. What is the plan is for the spring conferences that each association holds annually?

With NJHSA launching in early 2017 and with a new CEO coming on board around the same time, it was agreed that we will not be holding a spring conference in 2017.  We are hoping to hold Regional Meetings in the fall of 2017.  Stay tuned for the official announcement of the inaugural NJHSA conference in the spring of 2018. 

2. What will happen with the existing activities and opportunities that currently exist in each of the associations?

The steering committee has been working through issues such as how best to communicate with members, managing the legal transition to the new entity, assessing the financial viability of the new entity and beginning to research alternative revenue streams. At this time, we plan to continue all of the activities and opportunities that member agencies currently receive. This includes activities such as networking, learning, professional development, best practices, sectoral issues, etc.  We want to maintain the wealth of knowledge and sharing across the organizations.  We will review all activities during our first year of operating the new association to determine what will stay, what will go, what will transition, what will be new.   Your input along the way will be crucial.  

3.  What are the legalities of the process? 

For legal purposes we are merging the two associations, however, what we are doing in practice is creating something brand new.  We have a new name, a new vision and mission.  We will be open to many other agencies besides members of IAJVS and AJFCA. Legally we are being practical, organizationally we are excited about our new beginning.


Network of Human Service Agencies Update
September 23, 2016

Tremendous progress has been made in the last few months developing the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (the Network). From this point forward there will be updates, reporting on subcommittees’ progress, as well as answering questions and concerns that many have brought up in response to the recent survey. To start:

Fundraising: Potential donors are beginning to take notice. The Lodestar Foundation has recently awarded the Network a $50,000 2:1 matching grant, and we are well on the way to obtaining the $100,000 match from other sources. These monies, and other grants from funders with whom we are now engaged, will help build new programs and greater value for our members, as well as allow us to develop permanent revenue streams that will eventually decrease reliance on dues.

CEO Search: The search for a CEO of the Network is continuing. Thank you for all of your referrals. Those referrals and responses to our posts on Jewish Jobs and Bridgespan garnered a wide variety of applicants, representing great diversity in background and experience. As we move from an initial candidate screening to more in depth candidate interviews, we are very confident that we will be able to hire the best of the best to lead the Network.

Transition: Both AJFCA and IAJVS will hold Board meetings the last weekend in October to vote to create the new organization. AJFCA member agencies will also be called upon to approve the new entity by an email vote. We are currently working closely with our attorneys to manage the organizational and legal matters. The plan is to have the Network begin operations early in 2017. In the meantime, we are continuing to integrate the day-to-day work of the two Associations.



On July 6th, with near unanimous support, the House of Representatives passed its version of mental health reform, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2016 (H.R. 2646). There is now unprecedented bipartisan agreement in both chambers of Congress on the need for mental health reform as the Senate is poised to vote on its own comprehensive mental health reform bill, the Mental Health Reform Act of 2016 (S. 2680). Both bills contain a number of important provisions that would, if enacted, represent a major step forward in improving the nation’s behavioral healthcare system and would have significant implications for Jewish Federation partner agencies, like Jewish family and children’s agencies. Key elements of both bills include: expanding the resources for community crisis response; promoting the integration of health and mental health care; studying mental health and substance abuse parity; and improving coordination among federal agencies serving people with mental illness.

Please urge your senators to pass the Mental Health Reform Act of 2016 without delay. Click here for more information about the mental health reform legislation. For questions on this or other advocacy efforts, please contact Liz Leibowitz, AJFCA’s Director of Government Affairs. 

In late June, JFNA issued an action alert to encourage community action in support of the IDEA Full Funding Act (H.R. 551). This bipartisan bill, which AJFCA also supports, would ensure that the federal government fulfills the promise it made to cover 40% of the cost of educating students with disabilities when it passed the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) in 1975. To date, this promise has never been fulfilled. Click here to learn more about the legislation and how you can encourage your member of Congress to support it.