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AJFCA's Legislative Monthly Wrap Up is available. Its contents includes updates on recent developments regarding OAA Reauthorization Holocaust survivor guidance, mental health legislation currently being debated in Congress, and two public policy proposals that AJFCA believes would hurt the very clients our agencies serve. Click here to read about news in Washington, DC.

Crowdfunding is a popular and easy way for supporters around the world to help people in need. Nonprofits and donors need to be aware of the rules of the road-and the potential potholes-when designing and participating in crowdfunding campaigns. Continue reading here.

Understanding Crowdfunding after a Tragedy, June 28, 2016, Nonprofit Quarterly, by Michele Berger & Gene Takagi

AJFCA has much to offer member agencies this summer. Learn more about upcoming calls/webinars, programs and summits by viewing the AJFCA calendar.