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Each year the Jewish Federations of North America, a network of Jewish nonprofits across the United States and Canada, raises more than $900 million, much of it from women. The Federations established the Lions of Judah, a key component of its women's philanthropy program, 45 years ago. Today's Lions contribute at any of nine different giving levels ranging from $5,000 to $250,000. The nonprofit offers a variety of other programs to attract female donors at lower levels as well. Learn more here.

How One Charity Engages Women Through Events, December 2, 2015, Chronicle of Philanthropy, by Margie Fleming Glennon

Infographics are all the rage these days, and not just because they're pretty. The popularity of infographics reflects some core truths that nonprofit communicators know well:

  • Your supporters want information that's easy to understand
  • People are bombarded by messages, and there's limited time to grab and keep their attention
  • Humans process visuals much easier and faster than text
  • Images and graphics are more memorable than words

Learn more here. 

Your Plan at a Glance: Visual Communications for Strategic Planning, November 18, 2015, NTEN, by Mark Miller

If you haven't yet nailed down your #GivingTuesday plan, you might feel like it's too late to have a successful campaign. Even if you have a campaign plan in place, you might feel a little stressed that #GivingTuesday is only 2 weeks away. Ok, maybe a lot stressed. Read more here.

Last-Minute #GivingTuesday Tips & Help, November 16, 2015, Network for Good, by Caryn Stein