About Senior Resource Connect

The aging process presents a myriad of challenges affecting people of all ages. Caregivers of older adults experience these issues first-hand. With nearly 30% of Americans and Canadians acting as caregivers the need for information, resources and services to assist both older adults and the individuals that care for them to live with health and well-being is more important than ever.

In recognition of this need, the Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Service, a network of over 125 local Jewish social service agencies throughout the United States and Canada, launched Senior Resource Connect in 2015. Senior Resource Connect brings the experience and expertise of the AJFCA network to the public to support older adults to live with health and dignity in the setting of their choosing and to assist caregivers in making this possible for their parents and loved ones. Senior Resource Connect provides information and resources to assist individuals in discussing their needs with aging services professionals and provides a one-stop connection to local service providers in communities throughout North America.

The service providers highlighted in Senior Resource Connect assist seniors and caregivers in their communities through individualized and group services including information & referral, transportation, home care, caregiver support, meals, and career services. Senior Resource Connect Service organizations employ experienced care managers to help older adults and their loved ones navigate the complex service system by working with them not only to find needed services, but to assess their current situation, understand possible solutions, and develop and implement a care plan while acting as an advocate and manager in the provision of care. Services may be offered to anyone idetifying as an older adult, people over 60 or people over 65, depending on the agency and community. Learn more about the services offered in your community by searching for a provider here.


Older Adult Services:

  • Adult Day Services

    Adult day services or care provide supervised daytime services that may include social activities, personal care, meals and other services for older adults in a group setting at a secure location.

  • Care Management

    Care management supports older adults and their family members in navigating the complex service system by working with them not only to find needed services, but to assess their current situation, understand possible solutions, develop and implement a care plan, and act as an advocate and manager in the provision of care. Care managers often work as much or as little as a client needs to ensure the highest level of independence and dignity while maintaining a safe environment. Services may be free or fee-based.

  • Career Services

    Services may include assessment, counseling, job search training assistance and selective employment placement and supportive services for unemployed or underemployed older adults.

  • Caregiver Support

    Caregiver support services can help caregivers of an aging spouse, friend, or parent handle the stress of their role and enable them to gain the knowledge necessary to provide the best care possible. Services may include support groups, counseling, information and resources, educational workshops and seminars, and respite services.

  • Disabilities

    Agencies offering disabilities services provide support for older adult caregivers of persons with disabilities, including assisting parents of adult children with disbailities in life planning.

  • Emergency Response

    24-hour response to emergency situations through a phone number or device.

  • Guardianship

    Guardians manage personal and medical care, housing, financial affairs and tax and estate filings for older adults that are deemed by the court to be incapacitated by Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other physical and mental illness and are unable to make their own decisions. Guardians are licensed and certified.

  • Holocaust Survivor Services

    These services directly target the victims of Nazi persecution between 1933 and 1945. Many AJFCA member agencies receive funding from The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany to implement services. Services may include social programming, subsidized care management and home care, assistance with indemnification and restitution claims, financial assistance and other services.

  • Home Care

    Medical or non-medical services provided to older adults in their homes to enable them to remain in in the home for as long as possible. Services may include medication management, therapeutic services, assistance with activities of daily living, meal preparation, housekeeping and other services.

  • Home Modifications

    Home modifications support older adults in remaining in their homes for as long as possible by creating a secure environment. From minor repairs to the installation of grab bars and other small equipment, these free or fee-based services can help individuals stay safe as they age in place.

  • Hospice

    Hospice is end-of-life care providing a range of medical and support services for individuals whose condition or illness is unlikely to improve.

  • Information & Referrals

    Clients can call or visit to speak with a professional to receive information and guidance on services at the organization or elsewhere in the community. The information provided enables older adults and their family members to understand their options and make informed decisions. All AJFCA member agencies have strong roots in their communities and many have developed knowledge of available services over decades of experience.

  • Meals

    Meals may be home-delivered or offered at community centers and some meal services are Kosher.

  • Mental Health

    Mental health includes counseling, psychology and programming centered on raising awareness and assisting older adults with mental health issues. Agencies offering services in this area have expertise in mental health issues among older adults.

  • Residential

    This may refer to supportive housing options, continuing care retirement communities, or other forms of residential programming aimed at providing older adults with a secure living environment as they age.

  • Social and Recreational Opportunities

    Opportunities may include companions to visit an isolated individual at home, social events at community centers, or outings in the local area to events or destinations.

  • Transportation

    Transportation services include individual or group rides that enable older adults to retain their mobility, remain active in their community, attend appointments, or run errands. Services are often volunteer-based and may be provided for free or for a fee, depending on the service provider. Some ride programs also offer social activities to local destinations.

  • Village

    A Village is a member-driven program designed to help adults live independently in their own homes and remain active in the community. The village is a not a single location, but rather a network of individuals and service providers working to improve and sustain access to community resources and activities throughout the life span. Village staff and volunteers provide concierge, volunteer and professional services, and socialization opportunities that enable adults to age in place with health and dignity.

  • Wellness and Outreach Programming

    Wellness services include a range of in-house and community-based outreach programs that support older adults in aging with health through educational opportunities, resource provision, and physical activities. If an older adult is looking for information about healthy aging or a chance to learn about new technology, agencies providing wellness and outreach programming may be able to help. Many wellness and outreach programs have social components as well.